Wanted With Raffy Tulfo TV 5


Have you watched Wanted with Raffy Tulfo lately? Personally, I find it a good addition to our local news and public affairs programs on free TV. For someone like me who is a fan of these types of programs, this show of Raffy Tulfo seems like an extended version of his Wanted sa Radyo Radio Program in DZXL if I am not mistaken.

The set is different, as the host is sitting comfortably in a radio booth like setting. Respondents and other interviewees are also video taped as they are on the phone with Raffy Tulfo. I can say this is a mild presentation of his radio show since television has stricter regulations on the shows. But the straight forward, hard hitting line of questioning is still present throughout the show.

I just found ABC 5 truly is up for a good fight with ABS CBN and GMA 7 in terms of improving their lineup of news and current affairs shows.What do you think?